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Writing an assignment is not easy. It’s a complex task that demands the writer to develop the main idea of the essay, come up with the appropriate thesis statement and find the relevant content to support their claims. There are various steps which a writer needs to go through for an efficient writing process. For instance, the writer must understand the point of the essay in depth that allows the writer to write well on the subject. Next, the content for a well-written paper must come from reliable sources. The content should be well analyzed and evaluated depending on the topic, and there should also be a good search for the relevant literature and theoretical explanation. The challenge is to use original and innovative ideas while expressing yourself clearly and efficiently. There are chances that with time and effort, the creative ability and the will of the writer decreases, and he is not able to keep the same pace and effort for the entire paper. In such scenarios, the writer should use the services of those that can help finish his paper.

Research Tools

While conducting research, it's essential that the appropriate sources are used, or it will weaken your essay greatly, and perhaps lead to a failing grade. Research tools like Google scholar and research gate can be used to look for peer-reviewed articles. It is essential that only peer-reviewed articles are chosen for the task because these articles are an author's work held up to the scrutiny of other experts. Articles which are not peer reviewed are normally not accepted by the academic community.

Grammar Check Tool

Just choosing peer-reviewed articles and writing relevant content is not enough. A write up is of no use if it has a lot of grammatical mistakes and other errors like spelling and sentence structure. It's essential to ensure that the document is free from grammatical errors and unstructured sentences. Grammarly is a great tool which can be used to correct the grammar and identify the spelling mistakes. The task will be judged badly if the grammar is wrong even if the content is good. Some other sites which can be referred to correct the grammar mistakes are ProwritingAid, correct English, MS word grammar and spell checker.


To express our thoughts more clearly, become more precise, and not to mention expand our vocabularies, a thesaurus should be used. A thesaurus provides a list of suggested replacement words which can be used efficiently for a technical paper, creative writing, and even academic writing. Thesaurus includes a list of more than 280,000 synonyms, antonyms and related words. Thesaurus is a guide to write effectively and precisely. But be careful not to erroneously place big words where they are not needed.


To check the authenticity of the content whether it's plagiarized or not, whether it exists online or not, Copyscape can be used. Copyscape helps in comparing the written content with the available online content and provides with an estimated percentage regarding the originality of the work.

The tools mentioned above are sure of great help if implemented correctly and efficiently.

Every person today wishes to strive for excellence as well as perfection, whether it's in their personal life, professional life, or be it student life. We all are living in an era and age that is all about status, confidence and being flawless with whatever we do. There is a barometer set which tests our ability to perform, usually indicated by our income, and our ability to attain success. This barometer is not set by someone else or by the society; it's us who decide the limit or the measure to reach new horizons of success, though it can feel like we have no control over it. Since this measure is truly decided by us, it's free from any kind of judgment of others, meaning that we are in control of our success. No one can tell us what is best for us. Thus, we must consider enhancing our performance at the things we find most important to attain the goals we have for ourselves.

Working Against a Timeline

Working sloppily makes the work or the task even more complicated leading to losses in productivity and efficiency. When the work is not prioritized, or there is no deadline set, we tend to take things lightly and keep postponing it. These factors lead to poor or lower performance. If we talk about academics, a lot of students are not able to attain a sense of balance between their academic and personal lives. This is the reason we must always prioritize the tasks by their deadline, their complexity, and their importance. For instance, if there is some task which requires more time than others as it is complex, then it's essential that this task should be completed on a priority basis. Having a definite schedule will aid the student to perform efficiently without allowing any kind of intricacies to inhibit the meeting of the deadline for the tasks allotted. If you save everything for the last minute, you can just wait for those stress levels to rise and for the quality of the work you are producing to diminish!

Taking Notes Will Make Things Easier

Be it professional work or academic related, we all must get into a habit of taking notes while reading or learning something. From morning to night, we learn about various things, and we do some tasks which lead to the inevitable probability that we will forget a good amount of information. Hence storing the information and reading it later will help in memorizing the task in an effective way. Once we start jotting down the points, we are more likely to comprehend and engage with that particular subject or course. Writing things down is what has allowed humans to advance to the level we are at, and it will most certainly help to advance in whatever you are hoping to accomplish!

An essay is a written structure which allows the writer to introduce a topic, summarize it, introduce new ideas, and also come up with a general conclusion about it.  Essay writing is very common for students to be it for a high school or a college student. There are multiple types of essays, but they differ in their purpose. For example, a narrative essay tells a story, a descriptive essay describes a picture of the world, the expository essay emphasizes on sharing facts, and the persuasive essay convinces the reader to believe a certain view on a certain subject. But all of the essay types have something in common: they all have the same structure. In each of these, there is the introduction, which includes the all-important thesis statement, the main body, and then the conclusion. Knowing how to write the introduction and conclusion are the main skills which every student should know how to start and end the essay in the correct way. Some other ideas and ways which will help the student to improve their essay writing skills are:

The Skill of Organizing the Essay Correctly

Most of the time we do not know how to start the essay. We sit in front of the computer for what feels like an eternity, feeling frustrated that the essay won’t just pour out of our heads and onto the screen. This is not how essays are written, even by the greats! Part of the problem is that we haven’t even tried organizing the essay and separating it into its easier parts to deal with parts. The aim is to organize our thoughts and ideas into as many paragraphs as we need. The average university essay is about five paragraphs: Introduction, three body paragraphs supporting the introduction, and the conclusion.

This can vary depending on the length of the essay, with more body paragraphs needed to support the thesis. The first paragraph is about introducing the topic, thesis statement and the purpose of the essay. The following paragraphs are the main body of the essay which should cover the main points along with the evidence for the thesis, and the last paragraph is the conclusion, which is like the summary and restatement of the original thesis of the essay. Understanding these basic components is essential for every student who wishes to write an essay effectively.

The Skill of Prewriting and Drafting the Essay

Another skill which can greatly help in organizing your thoughts and ideas is to prepare the essay before writing it, which is done through an outline and a draft. Noting down the thoughts and ideas in a rough format can be of great help. Once all the thoughts and ideas are noted down, they can then be organized in the actual essay. The draft will include the selection of the topic, narrowing down the chosen topic, brainstorming the ideas about the topic, researching for evidence that supports the topic, and also making an outline of the complete essay.

The Skill of Writing a Paragraph

When we speak to people in our day to day lives, all of us are masters at preparing our thoughts and ideas which we then organize into the right structure to convey the information to others. But organizing thoughts and ideas for an essay can be a real struggle, and it needs to be learnt with the help of paragraph writing skills. Writing an essay isn't so different from speaking! A clear and well-written paragraph should be more than three to four sentences, be relevant to what was written in the introductory paragraph, and have supporting evidence and details included. It is one paragraph that represents one idea of the total essay, and when you support it correctly, it bolsters your thesis and makes for a devastating piece of writing! With a little bit of practice, research, and following the right instructions, an essay can be written to its fullest strength.

To measure the performance of students in schools and colleges, assignments are provided to the students who are evaluated and assessed. The final grade of the student is calculated by the scores of assignments and exams completed throughout the semester, so it is crucial to maximizing the number of points earned during the semester. Education is very competitive, and high grades are one great way to have your resume stand out and above the rest. So in order to get those high grades, assignments should be done as thoroughly as possible and dominated. Some of the most practical tips that every student will need to perform well in their assignments are:

Balancing Work, Study and Social Life

It's a tough job to manage your work/life balance. Making time for your assignments and studying does not necessarily mean that outings and hobbies should be sacrificed. They are often necessary to keep one's sanity during what are some of the toughest months of the year. One must learn to manage their day time efficiently so that nothing is left out. There should be time divided for studies, leisurely activities, for socializing, and for getting proper sleep as well. The sacrifice should be not overdoing things like sleeping for 12 hours in a day, being with friends throughout the day, and not giving enough time to assignments. Therefore, it's essential to have a flexible option like including online study, chatting with tutors who may help with assignments, and also dividing time between leisure and studies. To do this, you must truly look at all of the things on your plate, no matter how stressful or scary it is, and understand the way your days should be divided to conquer your obstacles and crush all your tasks like a boss.

The Strategy is to Prepare for Assignments and Assessments Ahead of Time.

Some students do follow this strategy of preparing ahead of time, and they also know about the benefits of being prepared. Preparation is often the key to attaining good marks in any assignment. This means that the schedule and amount of time dedicated to each subject throughout the semester should be planned as per the importance and difficulty of the subject. For example, for some, mathematics may be the most difficult subject. Those students should start preparing for their math exam as early as possible and give more time to math than their other classes. Preparing in advance saves the students from surprises that come along with last-minute studying, like realizing how many more assignments need to be done etc.

Asking Questions is Important

It's important to speak up to the mentor, tutor or even friends when we are unclear about some theory or concept. A good tutor will be more than happy to help and answer the questions to ensure you truly understand the material. If you are too shy to speak up and ask questions is the class, then one can always approach the tutor personally to address the concern. Also, if there is some concern regarding come correction on a paper or getting lower marks than expected, then it is always advisable to walk up to the teacher and voice your concerns rather than holding it in and letting it get to you and affect the rest of your semester.

Being Logical Keeps a Person on Track

Keeping a log of past assignments properly in a systematic and organized manner is important. For example, folders can be created for English, Math, etc. separately along with their relevant files. This will help to go through the notes and tutorials when needed in future during finals week. This rule is not only for digital files but also for hard copies. This will make every research assignment and exam preparation easier.

To attain a proper glance from the Human Resource professionals its essential that our resume is professional and polished. A resume which is unprofessional can be difficult to read; it can be confusing, full of grammar or spelling mistakes which will be ignored and thrown in the trash right away. An unprofessional resume will make the candidate look unprofessional too, leading to a negative impact. It’s essential that the reader find the resume attractive and interesting to read; it should be consistent, concise, and also easy to read. Tiny fonts, too many bold headings, vague language, inconsistent formatting should be avoided. Some of the tips to create a professional resume is: -

Legible content- The content in the resume should be easy to read so that the manager can easily absorb the work experience and accomplishments. The proper font which is Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri can be used with a size between 10 -12 while also following the specific guidelines and requirements of the company.

Avoid Bold text- Too much bold text can be very distracting. The write must make sure that only plain white colour A4 sheet is used to write a resume which should also befree from any side margins. The resume should be simple and should not include any form margins, coloured or too much of bold text.

Consistency is important– Consistent formatting is vital for professional resumes. For instance, the achievements and experience of the candidate are mentioned in bullet points, and these bullets points should be the same where throughout the resume. Using diamond bullets at one place and using tick marks at another place will make the letter look informal and unprofessional.

Emphasise on the essential –Using extraneous information and filling the resume which information which is not necessary is can me it more unattractive. The resume should focus on essential things like experience, qualification, skills, and other attributes that are necessary to qualify for the job position. Things that are not related to the job profile should be left out. The resume should not be more than two pages.

Using online resume templates– Using online resume examples and templates can be really helpful especially when a person has no experience in writing a resume. Templates help to format the resume perfectly. Also it helps to avoid any kind of mistakes while formatting or writing the content.

Editing the resume– Once the resume is drafted its essential that the writer should go through the resume twice to analyze if there are any kind of spelling or grammar mistakes. To analyze it efficiently the writer can proof read the resume as if he/she is from the hiring team. This step will help in making the resume error free. Also, a checklist can be made to make sure that all the essential information is present in the resume.

With the advancement in technology usage of emails has grown significantly. Research indicates that employees today spend more than 29% of their week on drafting, reading and answering mails. All of us are busy with our work life, and because of that at times we tend to forget the social rules that accompany various forms of communication. Some of the dos and don'ts of email etiquette is: -

A clear subject is essential

Most if we are in the habit of missing the subject line in a hurry and just writing everything in the  body of the email. But to send a mail without the right subject is useless because there are hundreds of emails that clog our inbox every day and without a clear subject line the reader will not be interested in reading what the mail says. For instance, if we are sending a business proposal to some client, then the mail subject should specify "New proposal attached ".

Signature is vital

It’s important that every email should include a signature of the sender that informs the recipient about the person’s identity and his/her contact details. The best option is to choose the automatic signature form which will appear at the end of every mail sent. The signature should contain the full name of the sender along with the address and phone number.

Professional Salutation

Using a perfect professional salutation like “hey, Dear, Hi, Sir, is important even if the recipient is close. When the requirement is to be more professional then the salutation which can be used is "Dear "or "Hello James "or Hi, Mr Arthur "can also be used. But one must make sure that the name is not shortened uncles there is permission to do so.

Proofreading the email

Before sending the email to the recipient, it's essential to proof read the email at least twice to detect the flaws and errors in the email. For instance, while reading one can check the spelling mistakes made, the wrong usage of grammar, or some other careless mistake which will make a wrong impression on the reader. Thus, before hitting on "send, "it's essential to proof read and edit the mail appropriately.

Stay away from Assumptions.

Creating a standalone note even when there is a proper email chain can be time-consuming, and it may create confusion. One must not assume that the recipient knows what we are talking about in the mail. The right email should be free from one-liner; it should follow up the relevant chain, with the right subject so that the recipient need to remember the chain of events. Following up the same email chain will be convenient for the sender as well as the receiver.  Composing the mail correctly and professionally might take some practice, but it will surely make the send look more polished and organized in the long run.

Writing a dissertation is an essential part of the educational journey. The term dissertation is basically used to present the outcome of the independent research work for an undergraduate or post graduate program. Some of the most common issues which students face while writing a dissertation are that they think that there is too much time left to work on the project, the do Not have enough experience with academic writing and they because of that they do not choose the right resources. Also, there should be proper writing format, style and language which should be implemented while drafting a dissertation. Some useful tips for surviving dissertation writing process are: -

A winning proposal

The dissertation proposal would persuade the readers, and for it, the writer should make it interesting and free of complex questions. All the significant questions should be answered briefly along with proper evidence. For instance, questions like what problem will be tackled by this dissertation, what finding the solution to this problem are necessary, what methods are considered to find the answer.

Structure of the dissertation

It's essential to structure the dissertation correctly which includes a proper title, objectives of the dissertation, references, area of study and other sources of information should be included in Literature. The main section of a dissertation is the research which includes the methodology, potential outcomes and time frame to manage all the stages of the dissertation.

Conducting effective research

The dissertation research determines the overall development of the project so it should be effective as well as methodological and free from any kind of assumptions. It’s essential to make a timeline for research and emphasizes it by staying committed towards it. Finding the right sources from the right place and double checking the information is important.

Drafting the dissertation

Be it an essay, report or a thesis outlining the task makes the work lot easier and effective. An outline should include all the necessary points of the dissertation like the first chapter should be an introduction which should state the purpose of the dissertation and the research question. Followed by that is the literature review, the methodology used, findings of the research, and the conclusion that briefly describes the complete report. Lastly, the bibliography is as per the recommended citation style for the field of study should be included.

Edit and proofread the dissertation

Now that the writing work is completed the paper should be proof read a couple of times to analyze and evaluate the mistakes. To catch any kind of spelling mistake, grammatical mistake, style errors the report should be read word by word. Editing software like Grammarly can be used for editing purpose. Also, it's recommended taking feedback from some friend or tutor before submitting the final dissertation.

The success of any project depends on the ability of the project manager to design and tailor the project as per the required specifications. Project's manager's approach should be well aligned with the needs of the client and the strengths of the team members. Every project manager will know about the management techniques and measures of success but to implement it in the right way requires some tips tricks.

 Planning is essential

For every project manager time management skills are vital because the manager has to deal with various tasks which need to be completed as per their deadline. Thus, planning the tasks as per the importance and prioritizing them will make the work more systematic and organized. For efficient assistance the project manages can use a project management software which will help to keep track of the work. A simple to-so list can also be a great organizational tool.

Stakeholder involvement

Every project includes plenty of responsibilities, and one major responsibility of the project manager is to involve stakeholders and communicate essential things related to the project. Informing about the progress of the project, the risks, scope, and changing requirements is important to that the client does not have different expectations. Communication can be in the form of email, face to face, or telephonic.

Communication with the team

Effective communication with the team members helps to keep the misunderstandings and confusion away while also making the objectives of the project and other relevant instructions clear. Regular communication influences the team members positively, keeps the product or service quality under control and also monitors the project efficiently. Communication with team members can be in the form of electronic communication, oral communication, visual, and nonverbal communication.

Paying attention to feedbacks

Even when the plan of the project is drafted perfectly with the high amount of planning and attention, there are still chances of some challenges occurring during the project. Therefore, the feedback from the project stakeholders should be paid attention as its like a warning sign like a missed deadline, or cost overrun. Preventing such risks during the initial phase of the project can be helpful.

Know your limitations

Unrealistic expectations lead to project failure.  For instance, setting impossible deadlines and assigning too much work to the team members will decrease the quality of work, the work will be sloppy, there will be more mistakes leading to rectification in future and extension of the timeline. It's important to take time to understand the project and then decide its deadline and work related to it.

Current project management trends

Due to high work load and stress, it can be difficult for the project manager to enhance their skills as per the changes and new requirements. But at the same time, it's important to learn project management skills online or through some short courses that constantly update the managers about new productivity tools and strategies

Each one of us faces distraction while studying, working or completing our assignments. To tackle these interruptions or distractions is a task which needs to be done effectively so that the work is done efficiently. So, to perform well in assignments, one needs to make sure that there are no distractions,check some of the tips below to help you stay focused at work by managing distraction

Effective Planning

Some of us are more focused during the morning and some during the night. We must plan our day accordingly so that we can keep the peak productivity hour for our assignments. Also, this planning should involve prioritizing the tasks as per their importance. Proper planning helps in figuring out what most important and prevent losing hours.

Doing one thing at a time

Multitasking is not everyone’s cup of tea because multitasking itself is a form of distraction. Some people claim that they can multitask easily but doing too many things and jumping from one task to another will impact on the quality of the assignment as it interrupts the mental information flow. Lean work methodology can be implemented for effective work on assignments which is to limit the work progress.

Concentrating can block distractions

Checking the phone and social media sites, again and again, opening ten tabs on the navigator, switching on the television while working are just various forms of distractions which decrease the concentration power while working. We must make sure to eliminate such distractions while working and work in a silent environment while also keeping our phone away. Also, at home there are chances when our family members keep walking around for something or the other, they should also be informed that we are working and need not be disturbed for any reasons.

Take short breaks

Our brain cannot handle too much work continuously because of which the concentration goes down, impacting the work quality.  We must not be so hard on ourselves as it leads to decrease in productivity level. In between work when we start feeling tired, we must take short breaks, move out for a cup of coffee, take a small walk and then again get back to work. This tip surely helps to increase work efficiency.

Keeping a track on time

It's important to keep a track on time so that we don't just keep emphasizing on one part of the task and forget about the rest. For example, an assignment has three sections a, b, and c. when we start the start, we start with section A and give a lot of time to this section only. Then at the last moment in a hurry, we give lesser time to the rest of the sections which leads to poor quality and ultimately lesser marks in two sections.

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