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Task Title: Web Design and Development (Part 2)

Subject Code: SET11112

Objective: Objective of this task is to add dynamic feature to the existing HTML prototype of the task done during Part-1 of this assignment. This task must also produce a word document (Size 1000 word) to describe the development processes. 


Overview: The target web-site prototype must address the requirement of a Flower selling website. The website must use server-side scripting language like PHP to implement Login, Signup, Product cart, Buy option, User profile page etc.       


University: Edinburg Napier

Tool requirement:

  • Notepad++: This word editor is required for the editing of the HTML and CSS files.
  • Web Browser: Web-browser software like Mozilla Firefox is required for testing of the web-pages in the local system.
  • PHP 7: This web-designing language is required for the server side scripting. It will help to achieve dynamic feature in the website.
  • Apache: Apache web-server is required in this task to run PHP scripts in the server side.
  • MySQL: It is a RDBMS software and it is required in this design to store data persistent manner in the system.
  • MyPHPAdmin: This PHP based application is required to manage MySQL data using a GUI interface. It also help to port database from one system to another.    

Development Procedure:

  • Initially Apache web-server was configured for the PHP file processing.
  • MySQL database was setup to hold user login credentials.
  • All existing HTML pages were renamed with .PHP extension.
  • PHP files were placed in a folder under the Apache root path. 
  • Dynamic logic and Database connectivity were implemented in the PHP language.
  • Proper testing ware performed on the target dynamic pages according to the test plan.  

Sample Output:


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