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SET11112: Assignment 1_Web Design and Development


Task Title: Web Design and Development (Part 1)

Subject Code: SET11112

Objective: Objective of this task is to design static web pages for a flower delivery website. This task must also produce a word document (Size 1000 word) to describe the development processes. 


Overview: The target web-site prototype must address the requirement of a Flower selling website. The design prototype must have landing page, product details page and interface for login and sign up. The prototype of the website must be designed using HTML and CSS components only.             


University: Edinburg Napier

Tool requirement:

  • Notepad++: This word editor is required for the editing of the HTML and CSS files.
  • Web Browser: Web-browser software like Mozilla Firefox is required for testing of the web-pages in the local system.

Development Procedure:

  • Initiall, a Page mockup was created in the pen and paper format.
  • A common template of the webpage was created using the HTML code.
  • Design Style extracted in the separate CSS file and attached the CSS as an external style sheet.
  • Main pages of the prototype ware derived from the common template. These must include pages for Index page, Product page, Login and Signup page.

Sample Outputs:





Evaluation Criteria:

  1. Straightforward design view: Design of the website must follow a straightforward view. Overcomplicated design is not suitable for most of the users. The design must convey every information to its user in a concise and compact way to its audience.
  2. Less memory footprint: Web pages must use the optimal amount of memory footprint. Use of irrelevant content in the webpage or in the style-sheet may incise the size of the website and slows down the loading processes. Slow loading is not suitable for any website.  
  3. Page consistency: All the pages of the same website must follow the same structure and coloring scheme. Without page consistency, a domain looks unprofessional.  
  4. Proper coloring scheme: A prominent color scheme is very essential for a web domain. The color scheme should be attractive and professional also. 
  5. External Style-sheet: WebPages must use external style-sheets, for the view design. It gives isolation between data and view. It is useful for preserving page consistency. External style-sheet also helps to change the design quickly which out making any change in the HTML file.
  6. High-Resolution Graphics: In web designing, we must use high-resolution graphics content. Low-quality graphic reduces the quality of the design. 
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