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Organisational Behaviour

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This report is about a company “Ryanair” which is setup in the year 1984 fails to sustain their business in the competitive market. The company revolutionise its business in the 1990s in which they have established airline in order to adopt low-cost approach. With the expansion of business in the competitive market, the organisation is facing number of issues related to staffing manager and customer satisfaction. The main purpose of the report is to analyse the influence and impact of culture, power and politics on the behavioural patterns of the staff members. This report is segmented into number of sections, in the first section of the report the management’s political behaviour of the Ryanair company would be evaluated. In addition to this, how the political power and behaviour of the managerial staff would affect the performance and growth of the employeeswill also be determined in the report.It is a well-known fact that managerial behaviour directly influences the performance and growth of the employees.

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