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MN603-T2-2019-Assignment2-Wireless Networks and Security


Task title: Design, analyze and implement a secure smart home WLAN and secure enterprise WLAN

Subject code: MN603

Objective: To design, analyze and implement a secure smart home WLAN and secure enterprise WLAN.

Overview: For this part of assignment, students are required to provide the proper design, analysis, as well as implementation of the secure smart home WLAN and to perform several tests. The home automation system is required to implement through the use of cisco packet tracer which is a simulation software. Students are required to perform a test analysis in order to control several devices related to the internet of things. Additionally, there is a need to use wireless local area network in order to focus on the areas of security.

University: Melbourne institute of technology

Tool requirement: Cisco packet tracer

Task deliverables

Introduction: This part of assignment provides the detailed description of the assignment and the overview of several innovations used in the assignment.

Ethical implications:  This comprises of ethical implications related to development and building of IOT home network including the several ethics based on the devices of the internet of things.

Design and analysis: The design and implications of the IOT home comprises of the design through cisco packet tracer including the home and remote locations.

Implementation: In this part, the home network connections and other network connections are provided along with screenshots.

Description of safety aspect: Several safety equipment used in the assignment.

Testing: For the testing of network.

Conclusion: To conclude the overall report.

Sample output


Proposed modification

The web application test can be done through the several applications and appliances which are used in the designing of the network. Function test is important to perform.

Expert’s comments

There should be screenshots for the designing of a network including the devices. Students are required to have proper understanding on each and every type of testing. With us, students do not need to worried about the testing techniques and addressing schemes.

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