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Trimester: T2 2019 Assignment 1

Unit Code: MN603

Assessment Title: Evaluation of 5G Network and the Security




The main purpose of the report is to find problems related to 5G technology compared to wireless communication technologies. The report includes proposed solutions that shed light on problems related to 5G technology that can be avoided. Wireless communication standards are also evaluated, and the report compares different generations of networks based on various factors such as security and risk techniques, modulation techniques, communication spectrum, medium access control mechanism, bandwidth and network speed bandwidth utilization. Next, the report also describes the architecture of the 5G network. The identification and analysis of 5G attacks or other problems associated with 5G networks are being investigated along with solutions that have the ability to solve problems or limitations.


The theme of this report is to explore the concept of various communications in a wireless network, because 5G is the latest or latest network technology that will replace 4G technology. 5G technology helps ensure greater system capacity, high data transfer speed, lower latency, high connectivity to devices, etc. For more information on this technology, this report is formulated.

Comparison of cellular networks

Comparison of the tools will take place in terms of different factors which are described underneath:

  • Communication Spectrum
  • Modulation Techniques
  • Control mechanism
  • Network speed/Bandwidth utilization
  • Security techniques

The 5G generations will be discussed along with its predecessors such as 2nd, 3rd and 4th Generations

5G Architecture

The 5G network is based on architecture, which is a new ecosystem of business and technological innovations. The 5G network architecture will help support applications in the business and consumer segment, including in healthcare, energy, production, cars, etc. The 5G network architecture includes a system model based on the IP (Internet Protocol) model for mobile devices, as well as interoperability of wireless networks. This system has a user terminal that plays an important role in the 5G network architecture.

Identification and analysis of 5G attacks

The various attacks that can occur such as Eavesdropping attack, Distributed Denial of Service attack, ToRPEDO attack, Denial of service attack, etc will be identified along with the mechanisms

Identification as well as analysis of 5G limitation in network coverage

The limitation will be discussed under this section which will highlight the important issues regarding the 5G technology. These limitations include roaming security concern, unencrypted channel and many more.

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