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Task Title: ICT Systems Administration Fundamentals

Subject Code: KIT501

Objective: Use the knowledge of Shell programming to implement some scripts which have real-life use.


Overview: For this assignment student must implement two separate Shell scripts for two separate objectives. Script must run on the Bourne shell. The first script must provide a menu driven interface for deleting C source files. On the other hand, the second script will deals configuration file. Using this script user must able to add, remove and modify configuration variables in the configuration file.


University: University of Tasmania

Required Environment:

  • Student must run this code in the on-campus alacritas server. For local development we must use Ubuntu 16.04 version as it is Shell compatible with alacritas server.

Task Description:

Following features is required in the C source code deletion program:

  • Program can accept file path as command line argument
  • Without argument the script runs for current directory
  • Program must list all the files in the given path.
  • Before deletion of the file, script must take confirmation from the user by showing initial ten lines of the script file.


Following features is required in the configuration file modification script:

  • Menu driven interface for selection of different option
  • Option for display all settings in the configuration file.
  • Option for creating new settings in the configuration file.
  • Verification of the input settings using Regular Expression (RE) before adding them in the configuration file
  • Deleting existing setting for the configuration file.


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