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Task Title: KF7023 Computer Networks & Operating Systems

Subject Code: KF7023

University: Northumbria University

Objective: Apply in-depth knowledge and demonstrate a critical understanding of the concepts and
principles of computer networks and operating systems, including security, and their
application in a range of current and emerging technologies. 

Overview: This is a very versatile assignment based on “Computer Organization and Operating Systems” and “Networking, Internet and Security”. For this assignment, students must produce written document of size 5000 words and the proof of concept for the practical activities given for this assignment.      

Task Deliverables:

  • Two Evaluation Report: These evaluation reports must address building distributed
    information systems for two business scenarios that would employ new and emerging technologies.
  • Posters: Two A3 size report must represent the evaluation reports concisely.
  • Practical Work: For this segment, student must produce practical activity and this corresponding documentation.
  • List of the Practical Activities

Computer Organization
      1. JASP toolkit
      2. Digital Works
Operating Systems
     1. Linux Operating System - bobcat
     2. Virtual Machines
     3. Ubuntu Operating System
    1. Getting Familiar with Cisco Router
    2. Router Configuration Tutorial

Implementation Requirements:          

  • JASP Toolkit: For the implementation of the digital circuit.
  • Oracle Virtual Box: For installation of the Linux OS on the windows system using virtualization
  • Ubuntu Operating system: For Linux based implementation
  • Cisco packet tracer: For network topology testing


Sample Output:

Figure 1: Microprocessor implementation using JASP tool




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