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Task Title: KF7013 Website Development and Deployment

Subject Code: KF7013

Objective: The main objective of this module is to design a fully functional secure web-design for providing Tourist Information for a particular location. The front end of the system must use HTML and CSS and the back-end of the system must use PHP for data access from the MySQL database. 

Overview: In this task, students must have complete knowledge of the contemporary web development paradigm. For the designing of the front end of the system, the student must use handwritten HTML and CSS codes (Rapid prototype designing tools are not allowed). For the implementation of the business logic, the domain must use PHP code. PHP code will provide a dynamic feature to the website by the pull and push data from the RDBMS server. Implementation special mechanism for the SQL injection prevention is one of the major security designing goals of this project.         

University: Northumbria University

Implementation Requirement:

  • User login system: login page that will allow users to log onto and use the web site. Users
    who cannot log in, or who have logged out should not be able to access any page
    except for the login page
  • Signup feature: Another page of the website should allow you to insert a new customer’s details into the customers table using an HTML5 form to gather the customer data and PHP to connect to the MySQL database and insert the values.
  • Booking Page: One page of your website should link to the activities table in your MySQL database using PHP and the contents of the activities table should be listed on the page in a suitable format. All customers should be able to book activities from this page.
  • Search Page: This page should allow a user to search for activity and display the results that match the search criteria. A basic search containing a single searchable field will
    achieve the pass mark for this section. More marks can be gained for more advanced
    searching such as combining two search fields together using AND/OR logic.
  • Index Page: A suitable index page or landing page is required to showcase the business perspective of the target organization.
  • All the web-page must be resilient against the SQL injection attack and there must be a proper test plan to check the SQL injection attack.


Technical Requirement

  • Apache web-server: Apache web-server software is required to implement the server environment in the local machine.
  • PHP 7: PHP 7 software support is required to execute PHP scripts in the server-side.
  • PHP Strom: This integrated Development Environment is required to manage PHP project resources. 
  • MySQL: MySQL is required to store data persistently in the server-side. It stores data using RDBMS principle.
  • IBM’s Visual Paradigm 15 community edition: This required for the implementation of the Entity Relationship Diagram.


Sample Output of the task from Past Years:

Figure 1: Registration form







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