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Task Title: KF7010 Program Design and Implementation

Subject Code: KF7010

Objective: The main objective of this module is to use the concept of the OOP (Object Oriented Programming) to implement Client-Server based communication system.

Overview: In this task, student must use Java programming language to impartment a Client-Server architecture based online Chat-system. The target system must enable the user to communicate with other systems through a central server system. Before the implementation of the project, proper designing of the system using Object Oriented Designing (OOD) principle is an essential hurdle of the task. Producing testing strategies and test cases are an essential part of this task.    

University: Northumbria University

Implementation Requirement:

  • Java Development Kit 8 or higher version
  • BlueJ Integrated Development Environment
  • IBM’s Visual Paradigm 15 community edition for the OOD based designing
  • MySQL for RDBMS support (Persistent storage of the data)
  • Java Swing Library for the GUI design
  • Java JDBC library for the Database connectivity.
  • Java RMI library for the client-server communication

Details of Underlying Technologies

  • This part of the report provides a formal and concise description of the underlying technologies. This description will help the reader to understand the technicality of the domain in depth. Proper citation present in the description will help to get more details about these topics.
  • Distributive System: It is a system which physically distributed among multiple computing nodes but behave like a coherent system for its user. It is useful to overcome the single-point failure problem. It is also helpful to perform horizontal scaling and improvise robustness of the system.   
  • Java RMI: RMI stands for remote method invocation, and it is the object-oriented form of the RPC (Remote Procedure Call). A very rich library is available in java to implement RMI. It allows a JVM to call a procedure present in different address-space. For this kind of method invocation, we need network packet transfer. RMI itself manages all these network packet transfers required for parameter passing and receive the return value of the program. Java comes with an RMIC compiler which generates stub class corresponding to the RMI enabled class file. This stub-file actually manages all network packet transfer using transport layer sockets and provides an abstraction to the programmer.
  • Swing Library: Java Swing[5] library helps to create GUI components for the desktop environment. It is the superior version of the legacy AWT GUI designing library. It is very useful to design event-driven programs.
  • JDBC: JDBC stands for Java Database Connectivity, it is a Java API which helps to connected RDBMS with a java program. In this design, Oracle database is used to store user information persistently.

Implementation Details:

The target application using multiple application use multiple technologies together. Here Java Swing library is used to implement the GUI interface of the application. The GUI interface will help to perform user login, message sending-received etc. There will be a separate CUI based backend system which implements the distributive communication logic using RMI. The target application will also use JDBC connection to connect MySQL-based RDBMS system.

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