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ITC544-Assignment 1 Computers, data and programming


Title of the task:  Computers, data and programming

Subject code: ITC544

Objective of assignment

This part of assignment requires students to apply practical and numerical skills to resolve radicals and conversion of different numerals hour into fractions.

Overview of assignment

This assignment comprises of different questions for the conversion of several bits into fractions.  Students needs to convert hexadecimal values to decimal values and to attempt different questions present in the assignment for the provision of binary conversion.  There is a need to include octal representation and Marie program.  Output of each and every numerical is required to include.

University: CSU university

Deliverables of the task

Following are the main tasks which are required to be covered by the students approximately 1200 words.

Question 1:  first of all, exponent is calculated and the fraction value is converted into the point value to get the right expression.  After that hexadecimal value is converted to decimal value and decimal value to octal representation.

Question 2:  it includes MARIE program which comprises of assessment code and description. 

Question 3:   it describes high order interleaving and low order interleaving with proper description.  Proper description of asked question and screenshot is required in this question. 

Sample output

Suggested modifications in assignment

Each and every numerical should be represented clearly in the assignment.  Each and every question should be solved separately by the students.  It is suggested to include the screenshot for showing the output of different questions in order to achieve higher grades.  The proper clarity of different numerical is also required in the assignment add student should use tables represent particular numerical. 

Comments by experts

The review of work of different student is not considered as easy task. there is a need to have proper knowledge on each and every aspect of numerical.  Solving numerical is the most difficult part of assignment which requires proper technical knowledge.  With the support students get experts for solving numerical.


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