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ITC542-Internetworking with TCPIP


Subject: ITC542-Internetworking with TCP/IP

Session: T3 2019

University: Charles Sturt University

Resources: Lecture notes, Course Book Pyles, Carel & Tittel 2017, Internet resources, Online Subnet Calculator

Assignment Overview: The assessment focuses on the concept of internetworking with TCP/IP. It undergoes comparison of various models and selecting on the basis of usability. The assignment also contains the hands-on projects that are taken as exercise from the learner’s course book (Pyles, Carel & Tittel 2017). A complete ARP discussion focussing on purpose of ARP cache. Apart from this, a case study is analysed to provide the company addressing scheme that fulfil the requirement of the organization. The task wise description of the whole assessment is provided underneath;

Task 1: The task emphasizes on the comparison of the OSI reference model with the TCP/IP networking model. The task will cover all the important aspect such as layers, working and origin of these models. Meanwhile, the task will cover which model is best and useful when working and explaining networks.

Task 2: This task is about the Hands-on Project 2-3 & Hands-on Project 2-5 that are provided in the form of exercise in chapter 2 of student’s course book i.e. Pyles, Carel & Tittel 2017.

Hands-on Project 2-3: To calculate the Subnet Mask for a required number of IPv4 Subnets. The activity includes main objective to determine the subnet mask with the help of using an online IPv4/IPv6 subnet calculator. A total of 10 minutes is to be spent on the activity.

Hands-on Project 2-5: The activity focuses on the important traits of the network such as host address range, broadcast address, CIDR, Network address and many more with the help of provided online website It also includes calculation of maximum subnets automatically.

Task 3: The task focuses on the ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) which works below the network layer i.e. on data link layer. The task will also cover the purpose of ARP cache.

Task 4: This is the final and important task of the assessment that undergoes a case study regarding Foreshore IT Solutions with a capacity of 1200 workstation. As a Solution Architect, one need propose a solution that will cover the addressing of all 1200 workstations and will also provide expandability in case of further expansion that is presumed for future. The addressing scheme will cover all the buildings like

Finance Office - 260 workstations

IT Call Centre - 520 workstations

Research and Development Office - 120 workstations

Marketing Department - 40 workstations

Information technology - 130 workstations

Head Office - 60 workstations

This task is further divided into two subtasks;

a) To provide a complete addressing scheme which must be simple and will be done using VLSM. Apart from this, a complete diagram along with all the buildings are designed to show how the devices will actually behave within the network.

b) This subtask will include all the calculations of additional 1024 hosts that can be presumed to be increased per building. 

Referencing: None but not the least, the document will be concluded with referencing which is strictly followed as per The referencing style will be APA and the bibliography will be such that it would support the document in wise manner.

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