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ITC514: Linux File system and Management


Task title:  file system and advanced scripting

Subject code:  ITC 514


To present the detailed review of a file system and advanced scripting schemes by using different platforms.

Overview of assignment

In order to attempt this task, students need to use two virtual machines in different platforms so that file scripting can be done easily.  The second part of this assignment is to provide account management and the third part is practical file systems.  Assignment required to include file system management with scripts and implementation of file system. 

University: CSU university


Part A:  this assignment part is of file system and scripting with the use of USB flash drive in Ubuntu machine.  It includes different commands which are required to be executed in Ubuntu platform.

Part B: it is the account management part in which text file is created for adding the script.  It describes different scripts of a file system.

Part c:  it is practical file system path for adding the name of user and copying different files in order to create new password. 

Part D:  it is file system management task where scripts are required to be created for the previously created username and password so that several files can be discovered and directory can be created.

Part E:  this is the implementation of file system in which some files are downloading as well as  re-packaging.  All the files and folders are created and shared within different directories using Ubuntu file system. 

Sample output

Proposed modifications

it is suggested to provide different scripts of Ubuntu platform to understand each and every task.  It is also suggested to include different commands in the report so that scripts can be clear.

Comments of experts

The use of different operating systems is considered as difficult task for the students.  with our premium support, a proper guidance is provided to the students.


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