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Hospitality Management

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Introduction This report is about a company named “Multinational Hospitality company” which is basically located in the UK. The company is selling itsproducts and services to its customers by mapping their needs and expectations. The company wants to expand its business operations in the competitive market. The main purpose of the company is to provide quality rating products and services to the clients so that the companywould be able to achieve the sustainability factors. In order to investigate the trends of the hospitality industry, the company hired a manager who will look over each and everybusiness-related aspects of the company. with the help of the manager's leadership skills and analytical ability, the company would proactively able to analyse the current and futuristic demand of the customers, profitability level and pricing strategies (Costing models) within the hospitality industries. The main aim of the company is to improve the business operations, performance and activities so that the company will achievea competitive edge in the market. In the report, products and services (food and beverages, travel and tourism, lodging and recreation) offered by the hospitality sector of the UK are analysed. Further, various factors and patterns which affect (the price of the commodities, price related to good, teste, and preferences, income of the consumer, etc.) the demand of products and service which has been offered by the company. In the report, various aspects which are related to the hospitality products and services are discussed in the report. The report is intended to be developed to analyse the current and futuristictrends of the market in the context of the efficiency and scalability of the product. All the aspects which are related to the hospitalityindustries are analysed and briefly explained in the report so that the company would be sustained in the market by mitigating the coming pitfalls in the business. At the end of the report, a brief conclusion is also mentioned in which overall findings and results of the report are discussed.
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