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COIT20264 Network Design Assessment Item 2


Task title: Network design-assessment 2

Subject code: COIT 20264

Objective: To prepare report for the final network design for the given case scenario on the basis of feedback received from the assessment 1.

Overview: Beginning with the logical network design provided by the students in the assignment 1, this part of assignment includes the physical network design for the similar case scenario.

University: CQUniversity  

Tool requirement: cisco packet tracer.

Task deliverables

  • Executive Summary
  • Table of Contents
  • Project Goal
  • Project Scope
  • Business Goals along with Constraints
  • Technical Goals along with Trade-offs
  • Table of User Communities, Network Applications, Data Stores along with Traffic Flows
  • Explanation and justification of logical network design
  • Logical network diagram: including addressing and naming
  • List of routing and switching protocols, security mechanisms
  • Physical network diagrams
  • Table of networking and communication devices along applications which are required, including the cost, IP addresses, product numbers as well as approximate total cost
  • Explanation and justification of the networking and communication applications and devices.
  • Test plan: that can be used in order to test new network
  • One detailed test script for test plan

Sample output


Suggested modifications

  • IP addresses, interfaces, subnet mask of each and every network should be displayed properly.
  • There should be a list of devices and their description that are being used in network design.

Expert’s comments

In order to develop physical network diagram, there is a need to consider each and every small aspect of the network along with the logical network. Students face difficulty in preparing the physical diagram of a network along with the use of subnetting scheme for assigning IP addresses which further makes negative impact on practical section. With our support, students are provided with the experts which helps them in each and every complex task of the assignment.

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