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COIT20264 Network Design Assessment Item 1


Title of task: Assessment 1- Network design

Subject code: COIT 20264

Objective: To utilize top down network methodology in order to design logical network on the basis of given scenario.

Overview: In this assignment, there are two parts a student needs to cover such as Part A and Part B. Part A requires to analyze the provided scenario in order to prepare as well as develop a presentation of logical network design. Student should create video presentation. Part B requires to write a report of logical network design in order to provide a list of business and technical goal, tradeoffs and constraints, network applications, naming and addressing model, justification for the network diagram, and routing and switching protocols along with the security mechanisms. In this assignment, there is not any requirement of including executive summary, the introduction, table of contents and conclusion.

University: CQUniversity

Tool requirement: Packet Tracer.

Task deliverables

Students are required to prepare a document of 2500 words which should include the following figures:

Business goals and constraints: Related to the given scenario.

Technical goals and tradeoffs: In terms of network design and its functioning.

Tables: Including data stores, applications, traffic flows, and user communities.

Addressing and naming model: Including addressing and naming schemes in table.

Justification for network design:  In terms of device description.

Logical network diagram: Comprising naming and addressing scheme for each and every network.

Protocols for routing and switching: To describe the privacy for network and communication.

Security mechanisms: For the protection of confidential information in network.

References: All the references should be in Harvard referencing guidelines.

Expert’s advice and suggested modifications

The assignment also requires to find different medical equipment which can be used in the network design and the assumptions for Utopimed network design are discouraged. Each and every step of the network design should be explained clearly along with the proper justification to satisfy technical and business goals.

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