The issue with Installation of Network Traffic Analysis tool Wireshark on window machine?

The issue with Installation of Network Traffic Analysis tool Wireshark on window machine?

Wireshark captures all the packets which are traveling through the network and show all possible detail for an individual packet. Wireshark is the best tool to examine the entire network about what is going on an inside the network cable and in a wireless network. It is an open source free software which is easy to use.

Purpose of Wireshark

  • Software Developed use this tool for debugging implementation of the protocol.
  • Security engineers used this tool to find out vulnerabilities in the network.
  • Network Admin use this tool for troubleshooting network problems.
  • People use this tool for learning network protocol.

Features of Wireshark

  • It is available for Windows as well as a UNIX based operating system.
  • The user can easily filter different packets.
  • Colorize display of different packets.
  • The user can capture millions of live packets form various network interfaces.
  • The user can save the packets and analysis anytime.
  • The user can also view various types of statistical graphs.

Installation of Wireshark in Windows 10 Operating system

  1.   The user has to firstly download Wireshark from the official website that is and after that downloading the software user have to double click on the software and run Wireshark module in windows system and click “Next” when welcome screen arises.


  1.  Now, user has to accept Wireshark license agreement by clicking on “I Agree” Button.


  1.  Now, user has to select various components of Wireshark that user want to install on the system or one can also take default selected components and click on “Next” Button.


  1.   Now, the user to select shortcuts that user want in the system and click on Next button to continue.


  1.   User has to specify the path where installation files of Wireshark should be store.


  1.   In the next step, Wireshark asks to install WinPcap4.1.3, so user has to tick mark the option and click on Next button.


  1.  Similarly, user has to tick mark the USBPcap so that it should be installed in the system.


  1.   Now, Installation of Wireshark should be start.


  1. While Installation of Software, a Pop screen arrive which ask permission to install WinPcap. Here, user has to click on the “Next” button to continue.


  1.   Now, user has to select the “I Agree” button to accept the License Agreement of WinPcap.


  1.   After that, the user can see WInPcap 4.1.3 install successfully in the system.


  1.   Similarly, users has to Accept the Drive License agreement of USBPcap and click on Next button.


  1.   Now, user has to select the License Agreement of Wireshark.


  1.   Now, user has to provide a location for storing USBPcap file and click on Install Button.


  1.   After that, the user can see that Installation of USBPcap is done.


  1. After the above step, the user can see that the installation of Wireshark is completed.


  1.  Now, User has to Reboot the system and after that start Wireshark on the system.


  1.  After rebooting the system, click on Wireshark shortcut in the Home screen and the user can see that there are different network interfaces from which the user can capture the data.

  1.  In this case, we have selected Wi-Fi interface, and the user can see network packets which are capture from the wireless network.



By this activity, one can easily download Wireshark in Windows machine and Capture packets from various network interfaces.


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