Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment is a process where HR manager finds and attracts a large number of candidates to fill up the vacant job positions in the business. In addition, it is a procedure that helps the individuals in identifying the job vacancy, job requirements, review of applications, screening etcetera. Human resource managers recruit the candidates by testing their abilities and performance towards the tasks.  Apart from this, the process of selection helps in choosing the right candidate for the vacant job positions in the business. In this process, chances of rejection or elimination are higher as compared to recruitment. The applicants who are highly skilled and knowledgeable are selected by HR executives of the business. 

Process of Recruitment

The process of recruitment refers to identify and attract a large number of job seekers in order to build a pool of highly qualified job applicants. This process is comprised of five stages that are shown as below:

  1. Planning
  2. Strategy development
  3. Searching
  4. Screening
  5. Evaluation and Control

Process of Selection

In order to select the right candidates for the job, it is necessary for organisations to consider the steps that are shown below:

  1. Preliminary Interview – In this step, those candidates are eliminated who are not compatible with the functions of organisations.
  2. Receiving applications – After the preliminary interview, candidates require to fill an application form. In this form, candidates fill their personal as well as academic information such as age, gender, family, qualification, name of an educational institution, experience and so on.
  3. Screening applications – Here, the main task of screening committee is to screen the applications after receiving the form. The committee prepares a list of the candidates who are suitable for the job.   
  4. Selection Test – Several tests are conducted by executives of organisations to check the skills, mental ability and performance of candidates. These tests can be in the form of interest test, aptitude test, intelligence test, personality and many more tests.  
  5. Personal Interview – In this step, a face to face interview is conducted by the Interviewer. He or she asks questions from the candidates to check their skill set. 
  6. Checking Reference – When a candidate is selected from the interview, then he or she may ask for references in order to check cross-validity of the evidence provided by him or her.
  7. Medical Examination – Apart from the good performance of candidates, physical and mental fitness also plays an important role in the process of selection. The physical and mental fitness of candidates are checked and those who are not eligible are rejected in this step.   
  8. Final Selection – It is a final step where the appointment letter is provided by the organisation to its selected candidates to join the job.






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